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FELLOW TRIPは、ITを通じて、訪日旅行をされる方々へ、ガイドブックなどではわからない本当の日本を知ってほしい。

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      February 14, 2017
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      Mt.Rokko, a popular night view spot in Kobe

      Created:Thu, 01 Jun 2017 15:29:53 +0900

      Mt. Rokko is a popular for its nice night view, and since it is relatively close from Kobe, many people not only tourists but also local people visit there and enjoy its amazing views.

      The night vies from Mt. Rokko is acknowledged as one of the top 3 night views in Japan.
      In additiion, there are a lot of sightseeing spots such as Mt. Rokko Pasture, Rokko Garden Teracce(cool café and restaurant), Mt. Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden, Mt. Rokko Orgel Museum, Herb garden, and so on.

      The Best Plan to enjoy Mt. Rokko.


      Head to Mt. Rokko Pasture and experience seasons in Japan.(Also there are a lot of adorable sheep, horses, and so on!)


      Take a rest at Garden Teracce. Tiramisu made of black bean is so yummy!


      Buy somesouvenior. There are goods you can get only in Mt.Rokko.


      Enjoy the night viws from Mt. Rokko.
      The Million-dollar Night View is just beautiful.

      Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

      It is recommended to go sightseeing by car.

      If not, you can ask a menber og FELLOW TRIP who is familiar with Kobe!


      Enjoy and experience Japan with FELLOW TRIP!

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      Best 5 specialty Kobe beef restaurants in Kobe.

      Created:Mon, 29 May 2017 12:53:07 +0900

      Japanese beef has received unprecedented attention from tourists.

      Many people visit Kobe and queue up for Kobe beef.
      You can get much information about which restaurants are good or bad.

      But those information are noncommittal.

      This article gives you ideas and real recommendation about 5 restaurants among Japanese and people who live in Kobe.

      1. 麤皮 (Aragawa)

      Two Michelin-starred restaurants.
      You will definitely like it.
      You have to make a reservation in advance if you want to visit.

      Near station: Sannomiya (JR)
      Budget: ¥30,000
      Day Off: Sunday

      2. みやす (Miyasu)

      Beef dish by using charcoal.
      An atmosphere of the restaurant like a woody taste and retro furniture make feel comfortable.

      It's recommended to people looking for something calm.

      Near station: MOTOMACHI (JR)
      Budget: ¥15,000~20,000
      Day Off: Sunday

      3. ニクスペシャリテ・マクラ (NIKU SPECIALITE Macra)

      You can enjoy carefully selected beef little by little.
      Every 50g each beef of Korean barbeque, steak, and assorted beef with nice wine!

      The restaurant has been popular among young people so that it has a vibrant feel to it.

      Near station: Kobe-Sannomiya (Hankyu)
      Budget: ¥~10,000
      Day Off: Irregular

      4. モーリヤ 神戸 (Moriya KOBE)

      You can enjoy fresh Kobe beef roasted on a hot plate.
      It is really close to the station, so you can easily stop by there.
      They serve Kobe beef at lunch time.
      If you do not have much time in Kobe, you can go eat as lunch.

      Near station: Kobe-Sannomiya (Hankyu)
      Budget: ¥~6,000
      Day Off: First Monday and Tuesday

      5. 神戸牛 吉祥吉 (Kobe beef KISSHOKICHI)

      Feel free to have Kobe beef at food stands!
      There are Kobe beef burgers, Bowl rice of Kobe beef, Kobe beef croquette, and so on.
      It's recommended to people looking for walk and eat food.

      Near station: Motomachi (JR)
      Budget: ¥~5,000
      Day Off: Irregular

      How do you like it?
      If you are wondering which one is best, go on a tour with FELLOW TRIP!


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      How to spend Arima Onsen for the first time?

      Created:Thu, 25 May 2017 18:25:15 +0900

      Arima Onsen(hot springs) should come to mind when thinking of visiting Kobe.
      A lot of tourists visit there and have fun with taking a leisurely walk, taking a bath, eating local food. But those spots and experience basically are listed all on travel magazines or Website.

      But what we want to do in Japan is experiencing crazy things that only local people know /do, and communicating with them.

      This is why this article gives you some tips to enjoy the real Arima Onsen in one day.

      【Souvenior hopping】

      Even though Arima Onsen is a compact area, there are many stores which sell local stuff only in Kobe. There are some ideas of souvenirs you should check when visiting Kobe.

      1. Hand Cream (Arima onsendo Turtle designed hand cream)
      For cosmetics-holic, this one should be the one they should buy in Arima onsen, since this hand cream contains carbonated spring in it and is also rich in minerals.


      2. Tansan-senbei(CARBONIC ACID RICE CRACKER)

      Tansan-senbei(CARBONIC ACID RICE CRACKER) is a well-known confectionery originating in Arima onsen.

      All crackers are all hand grilled made crackers by craftsman, and you can watch the craftsman making its cracker one by one in Arima.

      The company was established in 1907, and since then Tansan-senbei has been loved for many years.


      If you do not know how to access there, a guide of FELLOW TRIP will show you around!


      3. Arima Beer

      This is a craft beer born in 2014, and you can get and drink in Arima onsen.
      It received the gold prize by World Beer Cup2016.

      The ingredients are malt, hop, and ‘Yamada Nishiki' Japan's finest sake rice.

      Drinking beer and taking a photogenic photo against the back ground of hot springs.
      You can find the real Japan and its experience with FELLOW TRIP.



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      3 hidden spots in Kobe you should visit.

      Created:Mon, 22 May 2017 16:23:02 +0900

      3 hidden hot spots in Kobe you cannot see only just one time.

      Nowadays, Kobe has been getting a great deal of attention from foreign travelers especially from China, Taiwan, Korea and other Asian countries.

      Since Kobe has developed as a modern city suggestive of Western countries and been famous for sweets, the look of the town is pretty and stylish.

      Since Kobe has a lot of places to see, eat, and experience, travelers cannot enjoy the glamour of Kobe only visiting one time.

      So, this article gives you 3 tips you must go to enjoy the charm of Kobe without having much time.

      1| must eat dish! Kobe Beef!

      Kobe Beef is very popular not only for Japanese but also for travelers.
      The smell is appetizing, mouthwatering, and the taste is juicy…, we know it is just awesome.

      However, do you know the idea which restaurants offer Kobe beef with inexpensive and nice taste?

      “STEAK LAND” is one of the best high performance restaurants you can enjoy the Kobe beef with inexpensive price.


      This restaurant is famous on the Internet so that you had better make a reservation in advance if you are planning to visit Kobe

      You can also use FELLOW TRIP in KOBE.

      2| Arima Onsen( Miraculous hot spring)

      Arima Onsen is one of the oldest hot springs towns in Japan. It locates just 30 minutes away from Kobe.
      You can enjoy the hot springs like a day trip.

      Visiting Kobe and having lunch (Kobe beef sounds nice.) and going right on to Arima Onsen after lunch.

      Arima Onsen is also like a hot springs resort so that you can take photogenic pics there.

      3|Night view of Kobe, form mount Rokko.
      No words! Just visiting there and enjoying the amazing and moving sight from the mount Rokko.

      But it is much more convenient to go up the mountain by car so that you should go there by taxi, or rent a car in advance.

      If not, you can go there with FELLOW TRIP

      How do you like it?

      If you are planning to visit Kobe, you must do those 3 things for sure to enjoy the whole charm of Kobe.


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      JAPAN Night Life ~IZAKAYA~

      Created:Sun, 30 Apr 2017 20:59:14 +0900

      Hello, guys!
      FELLOW TRIP will send everyone the real information in Japan!

      There are places where local people gather and enjoy conversation in countries.
      In Japan, we often do it at "IZAKAYA", which is like a casual restaurants.(non-expensive, but can enjoy tasty Japanese food.)

      Toward evening, people especially who wear a suit get together and go into IZAKAYA.

      People enjoy and get relaxed with their co-workers, friends, and boy/girl friend.
      And sometime they hold a banquet there.

      You can enjoy the real local food, a real Japan atmosphere, and conservation with them.

      Sounds like fun?
      Let's find and drop into at IZAKAYA when you travel to Japan!

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      Welcome to FELLOW TRIP!!

      Created:Wed, 26 Apr 2017 00:39:26 +0900

      Hi, guys!
      This is an official blog of FELLOW TRIP.
      It is an innovative service which helps people who are interested in experience real Japan and its culture!

      you can encounter the Japan you won't see on regular tours, television or in guidebooks.
      Guests will search plans on FELLOW TRIP.

      And Guides will show guests around Japan.
      Guide and Guests have a common mother tongue so that they can communicate whatever they want to do.

      Why don't you find a real and exciting tour with us?

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