Create a trip

Create a trip

Once you are ready, it's time to create a trip!
1. Login to FELLOW TRIP.
2. [Guide management screen] → click [Create an experience].

Entering basic information on the trip

First, enter the 'Trip name', 'Introduction', 'Trip overview', 'Itinerary', 'Duration', and 'Capacity'

Trip creation tips for becoming a popular guide

For the trip name ...

If you use expressions that indicate 'what' they will be doing, 'where', and for 'how long', the guests can get a clear picture of the trip.
Example: 'A famous SAKE hideout in Hyogo Prefecture! Enjoy a 3-hour Japanese sake brewing tour in Nishinomiya'

For the introduction...

Briefly describe 'what you can experience'.
At the same time, the trip will be more appealing to target guests if you add information about which sort of users you have in mind for the experience.
Example: 'With briefing& amp; and interpreter provided! Enjoy the good old Japanese downtown culture! Forget the time and enjoy a relaxing stroll around the town - ideal for seasoned Japan visitors.'

For the trip overview...

Make sure you include at least one place or experience which only someone living in the area would know about - something people won't find on a regular tour.
Popular content ideas: A trip around great photo spots / Travel Interpretation with tips and briefing / A trip around famous restaurants / A tour of places that Japanese people flock to.
Example: 'Get off the beaten track to places where you will only see Japanese customers! Visit Japanese izakayas you won't find on other guided tours, where you can taste delicious local fish.'

For the itinerary...

The schedule is subject to change depending on the traffic and weather on the day.
Instead of saying, 'We will get on the train that leaves at XX, and arrive at the destination at XX ', try to make an itinerary that provides the guests with an overall image of the trip. Example: 'From XX ~ XX: Japanese traditional culture, XX sightseeing'

For the duration...

Always remember, 'don't make it too long, or too short'.
The secret to creating a popular trip is to take into account the behavior pattern of guests visiting Japan, and use, for example, 'the night of your arrival in Japan', or 'the morning before you depart Japan', etc.

Tag a trip

Place a check against the features of your trip, so that guests can easily find trips that are attractive to them.

Price setting

Set the price of your trip.

A rough idea of a guide's fee: 1,500 yen to 2,000 yen per hour

If any expenses other than the guide's fee are required, state roughly how much they will be.

Setting the meeting place

Enter the meeting place and time.
If you are taking the guests off the beaten track, meet at a large station or places that are easy to find, so that the guests do not get lost.

Entering any special remarks

In order to avoid any problems, and enable the guests to participate with peace of mind, state everything that you think the guests should know in advance.
Example: 'Cash is required', 'For ages XX and above', 'Not suitable for people with XX allergies', etc.

Selecting images

Photos create a very strong impression of the experience guests will have while traveling.
Select photos that convey the charms of the actual destination and make people think, "That looks delicious!", or "I want to go there!"
Since it is possible to select up to five photos, FELLOW TRIP recommends that you add the maximum number of photos.

Creating a business calendar

Select the dates on which you can work as a guide.
Your schedule can be set for dates ten days or more ahead of the current day.

Depending on the type of visa, there may be a restriction on how many hours you can work per week. Limit your work as a guide to within the time specified by your visa type

Check all the content again and post your trip!

Review the whole content of your trip, and if you think it's perfect, click 'Publish'.
Posted trips can be edited or canceled any time, so if you think of a better idea, you can edit your trip from the Edit page.

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By entering the correct post code, the corresponding address will automatically appear in the address field.

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It will posted on your public profile and made available for anyone to see.

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It will only be disclosed to you, and not shared with anybody.