For those who want to register as guides

Here are five tips for providing an experience as a guide with FELLOW TRIP.
This is very important information, so be sure to check it before using the service.

Point 1. Eligibility for guide registration

There are no special requirements regarding languages or qualifications.
Basically, this website does not have rules and conditions on age, gender, or language etc. regarding registering as a guide. However, because financial transactions including payment for the services and remunerations etc. are made using an external service called Stripe, all users must create a Stripe account in the form for this service.

※If you are an international student with a visa status of "Student", you must make an application for Permission to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted Under the Status of Residence Previously Granted in advance.
※If you are engaged in an activity other than your original status of residence without permission, such as an activity with which you can get money, you might get fines or expelled from Japan.

You can apply for the application at the immigration bureau and offices.


Point 2. Working hours for a guide

Basically, there is no upper limits to the service a guide can provide. Guides decide for themselves the hours and experience they want to provide.
E.g. Let's go around Osaka eating local gourmet food! Namba Japanese food tour! (Guiding time: 5 hours)
After you have completed registration as a guide, you can provide the experience at your desired time.
You can introduce an experience on FELLOW TRIP whenever you please, be it once a week or once a month.
However, working hours may be restricted for some visas. For example, students are in principle only permitted to work 28 hours a week. Refer to your visa so that you don't have to worry about breaking the law, and can be a guide with peace of mind.

Point 3. Rewards for a guide

Basically, there is no limit to the reward you can set.
Guides decide on the price for their own experience. Set a price for your experience based on the number of reservations and the content of reviews.

Point 4. Payment of rewards

The compensation that you have set for your services, minus fees and charges, will be paid to the bank account that you have registered.
* Reservations for which the guest has reported completion, or for which three days have passed since the date that the service was provided, shall be closed at the end of the month, and relevant payments shall be processed on the 10th of the following month. (It may take some time until the payments are deposited after they are transferred, depending on banking days and other factors.)
We ask that you take the fees and charges into consideration when you set the price for your services, in order to achieve your desired compensation.

[Fees and charges]
・FELLOW TRIP service charge (20% of the price paid by the guest)
・Credit card payment fee (3.6% of the price paid by the guest)
・Remittance fee (0.25% of the amount remitted)
・Stripe service charge (200 yen per month when the service is used)
・Transfer fee (250 yen)

* Consumption tax not included

For example, when you provide two services with a price of 10,000 JPY in one month
FELLOW TRIP surcharge (20%)
- 2,000 JPY
Credit card payment processing fee (3.6%)
- 360 JPY
Stripe surcharge (8,000 JPY * 0.25%)
- 20 JPY

You will be paid 7,620 JPY per service.
You will be paid (Your commission for a service * 2) for the two services
15,240 JPY
Transfer surcharge
- 450 JPY

Your income will be 14,790 JPY

Point 5. Functions to help guides increase the number of reservations

FELLOW TRIP is a sharing service for matching guides with guests.
In order for a guide to receive lots of reservations, it is very important to brush up the experience, and provide peace of mind to the guests. FELLOW TRIP is equipped with many functions to support this.
There is a blog function where you can publicize your experiences and field of expertise, and comprehensive album and profile functions for providing a more solid image of the experience. This guide content is very important in obtaining reservations.
Try to convey the value of your experience!
After the experience is over, you will be receiving reviews from the guest. Naturally, if you receive high ratings, the possibility of being chosen again in future will rise.
Most guests are meeting their guide for the first time. That is why the reviews become a major indicator for feeling safe with the guide. Provide a good service and receive good reviews!

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